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In order to view personalized results, you must first "link" your Tabroom account to your school's competitor or judge entry. See the section on Your Account for instructions on how to link your account.

Student Results

If your account is linked to a student entry, your account dashboard (click your username/email at the top) will have a list of recent results. You can also click the link for "Past Pairings and Results" to view the list:

user student index-past.png user student index.png

Just click the "Record" link next to the tournament you're interested in to see your results from that tournament.

If there are any RFD's or Comments are available, they will be listed on the right for each round:

user student history-rfd.png

NDT Bid Sheets

If you are a college NDT/CEDA debater, you can add honors (such as speaker awards) to your results that will appear as part of your NDT bid sheet. Below your list of recent results, find the section for "Honors":

user student index-honors.png

From there, you can add/remove honors from your bid sheet:

user chapter ndt-bid-honors.png

To access your full NDT bid sheet, click the link in the sidebar:

user student index-ndt.png

Judging History

If your account is linked to a judge, you can access your judging history by clicking the "History" link on the sidebar:

user chapter home-history.png

You'll see a list of your complete judging history, as well as as section for Recent Tournaments in the sidebar:

user judge history.png user judge history-recent.png

Click the name of the tournament to be taken to your judging history from that tournament.