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Add New Judge Category

add new judge category.png

After you click Add New Judge Category, you will see this screen:


In this screen, you need to enter a name for the judge category and click "Save Registration Settings" before you can fill out the other settings on this page.


Settings - Judges - Add new judge category.png

Name - This is just the name of the judge group. Should usually be something like "Policy" or "Individual Events."

Suppress judge codes (names only) - When checked, judges will appear on schematics and registration information with their names, instead of a judge code like "733."

Start judge codes with - Lets you set a prefix for the judge codes in this group, like "POL" for policy judges, so that you would have judges codes like "POL356" or "LD229" instead of just numbers.

Publish the list of judges online - Controls whether the list of registered judges will be available on your tournament's public website.

Require judges to have linked accounts - This will force all judges to have their judge entries "linked" to a Tabroom account, which is necessary for online ballots to function correctly.

Require judge accounts to have phone numbers - Toggle this button to require that coaches enter a phone number for their judge during registration if they do not have one in their profile.

Ask for judge departure times at registration - Toggle this button to require coaches to enter when their judges will no longer be available to judge at the tournament during the registration process..

Judge details due - This sets the deadline for entering judge notes, availability, and required information. This will override the judge deadline set at Settings > Tournament > Dates for this judge category if the deadline set is before the overall tournament deadline.

Abbreviation, max 4 letters: - This abbreviation will be used in various places throughout Tabroom to make things easier to read and make printouts align better, etc. It's recommended you set an abbreviation for each judge group.

Show judge contact info on reg sheets - Toggle to show judge contact information on the registration printouts found at Entries > Schools > Select School > "Registration" under Printouts.

Ask for judge qualifications and histories - This option will ask registering schools to provide a short description of each judge's qualifications and judging history. Note that this is separate from and in addition to the normal judge Paradigms.

Ask for parliamentarians - toggle to ask schools to mark judges qualified and/or interested in being parliamentarians for Congressional Debate.

Registrants can mark first year outs - When checked, registering schools will be given the option of marking a judge as a "first year out," i.e. that it's their first year judging after graduating from high school. You can then use other options in the Judge Group and Event settings to make first-year out judges free strikes, prevent them from seeing certain events/divisions, etc.

Label for FYOs - If you want registering schools to be able to mark judges as something other than "first year out", enter the label here. For example, you could have coaches mark their judges as "student judges".

Registrants can mark neutral judges - Registering schools will be able to mark judges they enter as "neutral," which means that they are allowed to judge their own school's entries. This can be useful when schools bring judges to the tournament who aren't actually affiliated with their program, do no coaching, and would not normally be considered "constrained" from judging that school.

Allow judge double-entry in other categories - This lets schools enter judges in multiple judge categories. You should only enable this option if you're sure that your schedule contains no overlap or if you plan to deactivate duplicate judges, [add comma remove dash] otherwise it's very easy to find yourself with double-scheduled judges that can't actually be in two places at once.

Ask to specify an alternate group - This will ask the registering school to provide an "alternate" group for the judge, so that you can move judges into their "second choice" judge group if necessary [add period]. For example, this can help to even out judge numbers between events.

Entries per judge owed - Enter a value here if you want to require one judge for a certain number of entries in the events in this judge category. For example, you can require schools bring 1 judge per 4 entries in speech.

Rounds owed per entry - Enter the number of rounds of judging required to "cover" each entry. For example, each LD entry carries an obligation of 3 rounds.

Fee per judge in attendance - Enter a value to charge a school per judge entered.

Fee per judge obligation, hired or registered - Enter a value to charge a school based on the total amount of judge obligation for their school.

Drops do not count against judge burden - Toggle to allow dropping entries to reduce a school's judging obligation, even after the judge deadline has passed.

Fine per missing judge - A fee for each missing judge will automatically be added to the school's invoice. This option is only available if you're using the "entries per judge" burden method.

Minimum judges owed - The minimum number of judges each school owes, regardless of their obligation set under "burden method". This option is only available if you're using the "entries per judge" burden method.

Maximum judges a school can owe - The maximum number of judges each school owes, regardless of their obligation set under "burden method". This option is only available if you're using the "entries per judge" burden method.

Free judges: reduce judge burden by - This option will automatically subtract the number of free judges you list from the number of judges each school owes. This option is only available if you're using the "entries per judge" burden method.


Settings - Judges - Hires.png

Offer tournament hired judging - Unlike the Hiring Exchange, which lets judges and schools match up judging themselves, this option enables offering judging provided directly by the tournament.

Registrant cannot cancel accepted hires - Toggle to prevent schools from cancelling hired judging and related charges.

Hire Deadline - Set a time and date that cuts off schools from requesting hired judging.

Charge for each whole judge hired - Choose either this option or "charge for each entry". This option adds a per-judge fee, e.g. "hiring one judge in this category costs $200".

Charge for each entry covered by hires - Choose either this option or "charge for each whole judge". This option allows schools to purchase judge coverage on a per-entry basis. For example, "hire judging to cover LD entries at $50 an entry".

Enable Judge Exchange - This will enable a "Hiring Exchange" for your tournament. Judges will then be able to "offer" hired rounds of judging, (see the section on Judging), and schools registering will be able to "claim" offered rounds. The tournament director must approve hiring offers before they will appear in the exchange under the Entries > Judges menu.

Conflict exchange-hired judging - This option conflicts judges from the school that hires them when the school hires the judge off the Tabroom exchange.

Enable Public Judge Signups - This option will allow judges to register for your tournament on your public Tabroom site. Use this to have hired or volunteer judges sign in with their own information and Tabroom accounts. Enter a message for the public signup page under the Messages tab. All publicly signed up judges will be marked INACTIVE to begin; you must activate them before they will be available to judge.

Signup Deadline - This is the deadline for judges to register for your tournament on your public Tabroom site.


Pairing Settings

Settings - Judges - Tabbing - Pairing Settings.png

Prevent back to back rounds - Toggle to not allow judges to judge two consecutive rounds.

Judges can get the same event twice - Toggle that allows judges to judge multiple rounds in the same event if there are multiple events covered by this judge category.

Do not let judge pools override categories -

Allow panels w/same school judges - Toggle to allow panels of judges to have more than one judge from the same school.

Allow panels w/same region judges - Toggle to allow panels of judges to have more than one judge from the same region.

Randomize judge assignments -

Use diversity tracking -

Show diversity opt-ins on prefs - Toggle to allow judges to mark themselves as diversity enhancing judge.

Show training ballot online -

Training ballot Name -

Training Location -

Training Time -

Tabulation Settings

Settings - Judges - Tabbing - Tabulation Settings.png

Ballot Entry Method - Choose which method to use for confirming/double-checking ballot entry. Your choices are:

  • "Enter twice; 2nd must match" - Each ballot must be entered twice before showing as complete (preferably by two different people, to prevent mistakes).
  • "Visual scan with confirmation" - After entering a ballot, you will be shown a review of your entered data and asked to confirm it.
  • "Live dangerously; no required double-check" - This option will mark a ballot as completed after a single entry, though you can still double-enter them if you wish, and will be notified of any mismatch.

Show entry names not codes on ballot manual entry -

Show ballot entry index by entry code not by judge -

Show school codes on ballot entry - This controls whether the ballot entry screen contains the school code or not.

Ballot Options

Settings - Judges - Tabbing - Ballot Options.png

List Entry Names

List Entry First Names

IE: Piece titles/question

IE: Space for times

School codes

School names

IE: List Speaker Order

Entry Region Codes

Space for judge signature

Ask judges for phone numbers ballots


Strikes, judging ratings, mutually-preferred judging

Judge registration deadline

Prefs open

Prefs due

Registration Settings

Settings - Judges - Ratings- Registration settings.png

No prefs until judge obligations met

Ask for judge paradigms during registration

No prefs unless all judges have paradigms

Judges may self-identify as diversity enhancing

Free Strikes don't meet judge obligations

First year out judges are free strikes

Do not pref free strikes

Pref/strike pool


Settings - Judges - Ratings- Conflicts.png

Enter conflicts separately

Include conflicts in ordinals' denominator


Settings - Judges - Ratings- Strikes.png

School-wide strikes/scratches

Per-entry strikes/scratches

Mutually Preferred Judging

Pref Method

  • MPJ Tiers (by whole judge)
  • MPJ Tiers (by round)
  • MPJ Ordinals
  • Whole Number Caps

Extra 1s = less 2s, etc

Other Ratings

Settings - Judges - Ratings- Other Ratings.png

Ask coaches to rate their judges

Use tab room ratings

IE: only use ratings for elims


Settings - Judges - Shifts.png






Settings - Judges - Messages.png

Judge Policy (visible when schools register judges)

Message on School Registration Sheets

Message on Judge Info Sheets/Dance Cards

Message on Student Info Sheets/Dance Cards