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Schematics - Settings.png

An alternate screen to modify the settings of a given round.


Schematics - Actions.png

Options to configure online strike cards and publish them to relevant participants.

Example Schematic

Schematics - Example.png

The Schematic screen displays the following information:

  • Bracket
  • Room
  • Affirmative/Pro team
  • Negative/Con team
  • number of rounds of obligation remaining/rounds judged/total rounds obligated
  • the judges name
  • the ratings for the judge if utilizing MPJ
  • whether the result is public
  • whether the judge voted affirmative or negative


Schematics - Reports.png

Menu of printout options


Schematics - Results.png

Alternate format for displaying results of a given round.

Change & Destory

Schematics - Change & Destroy.png

Share & Enjoy

Schematics - Share & Enjoy.png

Disaster check displays common tabulation and scheduling errors and whether they apply to a given a pairing.


Schematics - Display.png

Options for what you want to appear on the schematic screen.

Online Rooms

Schematics - online rooms.png

Links to utility rooms designated for tournament tab staff.

Access to the online dashboard to track who is in the online competition rooms of a tournament.

Stats & Data

Schematics - states & data.png