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All Events

Entries - Events - All Entries.png

Bulk Drop/Undrop

Entries - Events - All Entries - Bulk drop undrop.png

Screen to allow mass dropping of entries by toggling the Active column from Y to N.


Entries - Events - All Entries - forfeits.png

This screen logs all forfeits that have taken place in a given tournament.

Sweepstakes Exclusions

Entries - Events - All Entries - Exclude sweepstakes.png

Allows for excluding certain entries' results from being calculated in sweepstake awards. The default is for an entry to count. Changing that requires toggling N to Y.

List Schools by Event

Entries - Events - All Entries - Schools by event.png

Generates a list of schools in a given event.

Specific Event Page

Entries - Events - Event Page 1.png
Entries - Events - Event Page 2.png

Confirmed Entry, Drops and Waitlist show entries for a given event that fall in each of those categories.

Breakout Entries

Entries - Events - Breakout entries.png

Allows the marking of entries to be eligible for breakout brackets.

Breakout Speakers

Entries - Events - Breakout speakers.png

Allows the marking of participants to be eligible for breakout speaker awards.


Entries - Events - Print.png

Print Roster - Produces a PDF of all entries in an event.

Print Actives - Produces a PDF of all entries in an event excluding entries on the waitlist or entries that have been dropped.

Labels - Produces a printout that displays an entry according to the display setting previously set such as entry codes, last names etc.

Other Events

Entries - Events - Other Events.png

Side menu that lets you toggle between events.