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Mass Assign

Paneling - Rooms - Mass Assign.png

If you didn't auto-assign rooms during the paneling step, you can assign rooms to a speech event using the "Rooms" menu option, and then choosing a timeslot on the sidebar. The "Mass Assign" tab will show you a listing of current assignments, and the option to auto-assign the rooms in that timeslot


Paneling - Rooms - Pools.png

To create a room pool, click the "Create New Room Pool" link on the sidebar and then give it a name.

This screen displays a room pool, rounds assigned to that pool, options to add rounds to that pool and an option to add all rounds from a given event.

Pool Rooms

Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms.png

Clicking a room on the right adds the room to the selected room pool.

Side Menu

Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms - Options.png

Clone another pool - This copies all rooms from one pool to another.

Add Round - This adds the selected round to the room pool.

Sites - Tournament site, impacts the rooms that are displayed.

Add a new room - Saves a new room to the selected site.

Pattern Add - ???

Import from CSV - Option to upload room pool information via a spreadsheet.


Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms - Chart.png

The "Chart" tab shows you a list of all rooms for the Timeslot and Site you choose.


Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms - Reports.png

The "Report" tab shows you information about individual rooms, including which rounds are scheduled in that room and which room pools the room is in.


Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms - Reservations.png

Under Paneling - Rooms, the "Reservations" tab lets you assign a room to a particular judge, for example if a judge has a mobility issue and needs to stay in the same room all day. Choose a judge group from the sidebar, and then select a room to assign the judge.


Paneling - Rooms - Pool Rooms - Utility.png

For online tournaments, allows you to create rooms that are availble to specific sub-sections of the tournament.