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To access a school's page, you select it from the dropdown menu.

School Page


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Money Information

Entries - School - Team page - money info.png

Record Payment - Allows you to enter in values and rationales for new charges to a school that will appear on their invoice.

School Data

Entries - schools - team page - school data.png

Information on a school's entry related to what NSDA chapter they are in, who entered them, who registered them and who marked them onsite.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Status.png

Confirmed Onsite - Option to mark a school is onsite/confirmed registered for a tournament.

Allow unpaid online registration - Option to require fees be paid before a school can register themselves online.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Printouts.png

Options for printing out specific elements of a school's entry. Each button takes you to a different PDF.

Required School Forms

entries - schools - team page - required school forms.png

Tracks whether a school has uploaded required forms and allows you to upload the forms manually


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Damage.png

Option to delete an entire school's entry (in all events) from a tournament.


entries - schools - team page - entries.png

Add to - Selects what event to add new entries to.

New - Dropdown of students on a school's roster to enter into a given event.

Add New Student - Allows you to add a student's information if they are not previously on a school's roster.

Drop - Option to drop an entry from a tournament.

TBA Slots - Entering a number and clicking save will result in that many entries in a given event being added to the tournament, but with no student names.


Judge Categories

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Judges - Judge Categories.png

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Judges - Category Screen.png

Judge Categories - Toggle between events to see what judges a school has entered in those events.

Rounds - How many preliminary rounds a judge is obligated for that can be adjusted up or down.

Trashcan - Drops a judge from the tournament.

Add Judge - Adds a judge to that event for a given school. Can be previously on the school's roster or not.

Burden Adjustment

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Judges - Burden Adjustment.png

Multiples a school's judge obligations by the selected percentage.

Add Judge

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Judges - Add Judge.png

Allows entering a judge on a school's roster to a given event.

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Judges - Add Judge Not on Roster.png

Information inputs to enter a judge not previously entered on a school's Tabroom roster.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Money.png

Displays charges and payments that will appear on a school's invoice.

Record Payments

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Money - Record Payments.png

Allows entering new payments, their reason and their amount to a school's invoice.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Money - Invoices.png

Options to modify a school's invoice and produce a new copy.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Money - Discounts.png

Allows adjustment to certain fees for a school by the selected discount amount.

Add Charges

Entries - Schools - Team Page - Money - Add Charges.png

Allows entering new charges, their reason and their amount to a school's invoice.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Contacts.png

Option to add emails so that they receive updates about pairings and judge assignments for a given school.


Entries - Schools - Team Page - Notes.png

Allows you to save notes about a school's entry for future reference.