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Add a new timeslot

Settings - Schedule- Add time slot.png

A timeslot is a block of time that you will schedule rounds into. Different events can share one timeslot."

Label - Name for round. For example "LD Round 1"

Day - What tournament day the round will occur.

Start Time - Start time for the round that will display on the pairings.

End Time - End time for the round that will impact when another round can be scheduled (the system avoids overlaps).

Tournament Days

Settings - Schedule- Time slots.png

This panel is populated based on the dates entered under Settings -> Tournament

Settings - Schedule- Example.png

This screen mirrors the information entered under Add New Time Slot

Schedule Rounds

Settings - Schedule- Scheduling.png

Rnd - Option to assign that timeslot to a given event.

Label - Label that will appear in the Schematics screen.

Type - The options for "Type" are as follows:

  • "Prelim/Preset" - Round will be pre-paired before the start of the tournament, either randomly or using a set of tournament-entered seeds. For more information on entering prelim seeds, see the section on Pairing Rounds.
  • "Hi/Lo" - Round will be power-matched by pairing the highest seed in a bracket (based on your chosen tiebreak set) against the lowest seed in the bracket. This is the most commonly used method of powermatching in prelim rounds.
  • "Hi/Hi" - Round will be power-matched by pairing the highest seed in a bracket (based on your chosen tiebreak set) against the second seed in the bracket. The third seed will be paired against the fourth seed, and so on. Hi/Hi rounds are usually reserved for only 1 odd-numbered prelim (such as round 5 of 8), and are used to reduce the number of teams with few or no losses. At many tournaments, this is unnecessary. If in doubt about the desirability of a Hi/Hi round for your circumstances, go with a Hi/Lo instead.
  • "Elim" - Round is an elimination round. Make sure you also choose the correct tiebreaker set for the elims.
  • "Final" - Should be used for the final round in each event.

Tiebreaker - The options for "Tiebreaks" will be any tiebreak rule sets you have configured. Make sure to set the tiebreak set to your "elim" tiebreakers for each of your elim rounds. For more information on configuring these, see the section on Rules & Results.

Flights - Option to mark how many flights you would like the round to occur. Usually 1 or 2.

Move - This dropdown will list the other open timeslots. Selecting a timeslot from this dropdown will move your label, round type, and tiebreaker to the new timeslot.