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Settings - Sites&Room - Add - edit sites.png

Settings - Sites&Room - Add - edit site after click the button.png

Add an existing site/location - Dropdown menu to select sites previously saved to Tabroom.

Add a site not on Tabroom - Option to save a new site name to Tabroom.

Edit Rooms

Settings - Sites&Room - edit rooms.png

Name - Label for room that will show up in various Tabroom screens.

Quality - Value that will prioritize the room being used in the creation of pairings. The higher the number the more valuable.

Capacity - Occupancy limits for a given room.

Notes - Option to leave notes and reminders about a given room.

Map Link - Option for a link to be sent to participants when pairings are blasted that provide directions to a room/building.

Accessible - Option to mark a room as ADA accessible or not.

Active - Option to mark a room available to be put on a pairing or not.

Add New

Settings - Sites&Room - add new.png

Options are the same as explained above in Edit Rooms.

Import from File

Settings - Sites&Room - import from file.png

This allows you to upload a list of rooms en masse into Tabroom.

Time Blocks

Settings - Sites&Room - time blocks 1.png

Settings - Sites&Room - time blocks 2.png

Block Against Time - Allows for a room not to be used in a certain timeframe.

Block Against Event - Prevents a room from being used in a certain event.

Block Against Judge - Prevents a judge from being placed in a certain room.

Block Against Entry - Prevents an entry from being placed in a certain room.

Site Settings

Settings - Sites&Room - site settings.png

Site Name - Name for your tournament site.

Online Site - Option to mark the site as a physical or online site.

Ballot Dropoff Location - Option to mark a physical ballot drop off location.

Directions/GPS Link - Navigation information provided to participants so a tournament site can be located.