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Judge Categories

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Groups - Allows switching between judge groups assigned to certain events.

Check Judging Burdens

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Displays how much judging a school owes in a given event. The columns are sortable.

Menu Options

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Roster - List of all the judges in an event.

Conflict List - Displays conflict information for each judge.

Conflict Sheets - Printout to allow judges to mark conflicts in person instead of digitally. Will produce a document for each judge in an event.

Time Block Totals - ???

Dance Cards - Printout for each judge that lists their judging assignments.

Rounds Judged - Display that shows each judge, their obligation, number of prelims judged, number of elims judged, total rounds judged and which rounds they were.

Seasonal Totals - Displays how many rounds a judge has judged on Tabroom in a given academic year. Clicking Record shows a more detailed record of those rounds and the judge's paradigm.

Category Grid

Entries - Judges - Category - Grid.png

Luddite - Signifies whether a judge has a linked tabroom account or not.

Online Ballots

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Link Judges to Online Accounts - Allows for entering emails to unlinked judges to facilitate online balloting etc.

Judge Decision Times - Displays each judge and the average time it takes them to make a decision at that tournament.