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Mass Assign

Paneling - Judges - Mass Assign.png


Create new pool

Paneling - Judges - Pools - Create new pools.png

Pool Name - Display name for a given judge pool.

Show pools to judges online - Option to display judge pools to judges.

Publish judges on web - Option to display judge pools publicly.

Use as standby - Marks a judge pool standby to not place them first in a given round.

During - Select the round the judge pool is used for.

Site - ???

Pool Judges

Paneling - Judges - Pools - Pool Judges.png

Clicking a judge name on the right hand side will move them into the selected judge pool.

Test Pool, Use, Autopopulate

Paneling - Judges - Pools - Pool Judges - options.png

Blast/Email - Allows you to message only members of the judge pool.

Use for round - Menu to select what rounds the judge pool is used for.

Autopopulate - Menu of options to mass pull judges into a judge pool based on the criterion you select.


Paneling - Judges - Pools - Chart.png

Displays the school, judge name, their round assignments, their judge obligation and how many rounds they have judged.


Paneling - Judges - Pools - Availability.png

Displays the total number of judges available for a given round. You can toggle between events in this screen.

Set Rounds

Set rounds.png

Alternate screen that allows you to assign judge pools to certain rounds of a given event instead of assigning rounds to a certain judge pool.


Paneling - Judges - Pools - Activate.png

Allows you to mark judges as active for placement or not by toggling between Y or N.