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Name & Info

Name & Location

Settings - Tournament - Name and Info - Name & Location.png

Tournament Full Name - Tournament Full Name - This is the name which will appear on tournament calendars and in things like result packets. Do not include a year in your tournament name; the year will automatically be applied to your tournament name on public-facing pages.

Tournament public site - Tournament public site - This is the name for your tournament's website, which comes in the form <webname> Visitors to that web address will be taken directly to your Tournament Info page on Tabroom, where they can view your invitation, postings, results, etc. The webname must be lowercase or numbers with no punctuation. If you repeat the URL for a tournament from year to year, your tournament's history of results will be available on your Tournament Info page.

City/Location - This will control where your tournament is listed on various Tabroom Calendars.

State/Country (if applicable)] - specifying the location of a tournament.

Time Zone - The timezone for your tournament controls things like your registration deadlines, drop fee deadlines, etc.


Settings - Tournament - General - Copy Settings.png

Invitation - file upload option that will appear on tournament's tabroom page

Congress Legislation - file upload option that will appear on tournament's tabroom page

Logo (PNG or JPG) - file upload option that will appear in upper right of tournament's tabroom page


Settings - Tournament - Name and Info - Circuits.png

Circuits - categories used to sort tournaments on Designating a circuit will have the tournament appear on the main calendar to members of that circuit


General Settings

Settings - Tournament - General - General Settings.png

Require adult contact info to register - This will ask people registering for your tournament to provide an adult's contact information before proceeding with their registration. This is useful to ensure that you can get in touch with someone responsible, especially if competitors are allowed to attend your tournament unsupervised. Coaches will need to enter a contact name, email, and phone number and hit "Save" before the registration tabs allowing them to add students and judges will appear for them. This contact will receive tournament communications through Tabroom.

Ask for adult contacts by category - This will ask people registering for your tournament to provide a primary and a secondary adult's contact information before proceeding with their registration. If you have also selected "Require adult contact info to register", Tabroom will require the primary contact to be added before coaches can proceed with registration, but missing a secondary contact will not prevent them from moving forward.

Ask for secondary adult contact - This will ask people registering for your tournament to provide a primary and a secondary adult's contact information before proceeding with their registration. If you have also selected "Require adult contact info to register", Tabroom will require the primary contact to be added before coaches can proceed with registration, but missing a secondary contact will not prevent them from moving forward.

Log registration changes - This will keep a log on Tabroom (accessible in Entries > Change Log) of changes made to registration, including adds, drops, timestamps, and the account that made the change.

Hide Speaker Codes from Registrants - The default is that registered coaches and students will be able to see their speaker codes in advance of the tournament by logging into their Tabroom accounts. This option is used for tournaments who want to disable registrants from knowing codes in advance. This option will need to be turned off the day of the tournament to enable students and coaches to know their codes.

Closed tournament: admin staff registers - This option will disable all online registration. Entries and judges will instead need to be entered manually by a tournament administrator from the Entries menu.

Test tournament, not public - A "test" tournament will not appear on any of the Tabroom calendars [get rid of comma here] and will enable features that allow you to quickly generate "fake" entries, judges, and results. This can be useful when experimenting with Tabroom, but it should never be enabled for a real tournament.

Waitlisted entries still hit double entry limits - If you have set entry limits for any event (at Settings > Events > Registration), the default is that coaches can enter waitlisted entries beyond that cap, and those waitlisted entries do not abide by tournament rules regarding double entry. Enable this setting to ensure waitlisted entries cannot be double-entered in events that your tournament settings prohibit.

Ask for refund information - This option will ask registrants to enter refund information during registration. On the General tab of a school's registration, Tabroom will ask who to make refund checks payable to and the address to send refund checks. Refund information can be collected at Entries > Reports > Refund Mailing Information.

NSDA Paid Members only - Toggle to only allow NSDA paid member schools and students to register.

Publish list of registered schools - Toggle to display list of registered schools on tournament's public-facing Tournament Info page on the Entries tab.

Use school regions - Toggle this option to enable additional settings at Settings > Events > Pairing that control in-region match-ups and judging within a region. Create and assign schools to regions at Entries > Data. Regions are fully customizable and can be used to separate geographic regions, districts, leagues, etc.

Tournament-wide cap on entries - sets a tournament wide limit on number of entries, not by event.

School code style - Tabroom automatically assigns a code to each registered school, and this setting allows you to choose the code style. These codes sort schools on the Entries > Schools dropdown and can be used on public pairings and results if "school code" is included in your selection at Settings > Events > "Entry codes".

First school code - If you selected the "Incremental" code style, add the first increment you would like used here. For example, entering "AA" would assign the first school's code as AA, the next as BB, and so on.

Allow duplicate codes in different events - The default is that an entry's code cannot be repeated across the tournament in any event. For example, the code "Test School AB" cannot exist as both an LD entry and a PF entry, even though those entries have different students. Toggle this option to allow duplicate codes to be used in different events.

Do not avoid ADA /other pools' rooms -

Paper Size - If you plan to print any schematics or reports, this option controls the sizing of those report printouts to fit on your paper.

Online day-of registration

Settings - Tournament - General - Online day of registration.png

Enable online registration system - Toggle this option if you plan to use the online day-of registration feature. Note that enabling the system alone does not open the day-of registration for participants to confirm their registration. Day-of registration will only open at the time set in the "Online registration starts" setting.

Only paid schools may register - Toggle this option if you would like to prevent schools with a positive balance on the Fees tab of their school's registration from confirming their registration.

Online registration starts - Sets the date and time participants can begin confirming their registration.

Online registration ends - Sets the date and time online registration confirmation ends.

Upload Packet - File upload for information/registration packets for participants.

Notes on onsite registration page - Allows for custom note writing that will appear to participants during the online registration confirmation process.

Copy Settings

Settings - Tournament - General - Copy Settings.png

Option to allow duplication of settings from a previously held tournament. This should be used if you did NOT clone your tournament during the initial tournament set up process. Selecting "Erase current" will replace all current settings with the tournament settings you are cloning. Selecting "Include Entries" will copy entries from the tournament you are cloning to your current tournament.


Dates & Deadlines

Settings - Tournament - Dates.png

Tournament start - Sets the date and time a tournament starts. This is also the time NSDA Campus utility rooms will become live.

Tournament end - sets the date and time a tournament ends

Registration opens - sets the date and time schools can register for a tournament

New entries due - sets the deadline that schools can register new entries for a tournament

Script info and uploads by - Sets the deadline for script information and script uploads to be added, when applicable. (there's a separate deadline for video links).

Fees & Obligations freeze - sets the date and time that fees and judging obligations cease to change regardless of changes to a school's entry.

Judge entries due - sets the deadline for schools to enter judges into a tournament.

Drops & name changes due - sets the deadline for when schools can drop and change the names of their entries on their own.

Nuisance fines apply after - Sets the date and time nuisance fines such as drop fees, late add fees, and fines for no-show judges go into effect. Set up nuisance fines at Settings > Money.


Administrator Access

Settings - Tournament - Access - Admin Access.png

Owner - The account that created the tournament is automatically named the tournament owner and contact. For district tournaments, the tournament owner has additional permissions unlocked prior to tournament admins.

Admin - This level of permissions gives accounts full access to settings, registration, and tabulation features.

Limited - When you assign an account limited permissions, Tabroom will ask you which permissions you would like them limited to. "Registration" gives them access to view and edit school registration information found at Entries > Schools. "Tabbing" gives them access to the Paneling, Schemats, Tabbing, and Results tabs for all events. "Category" allows you to give them entry and tabbing access to only one category of events.

Entry Only - This level of permissions gives an account access to status dashboards, ballot entry, and judge lists.

Add New Staff

Settings - Tournament - Access - Add New Staff.png

To add a new account via email as an administrator to a tournament.


Address/payable to

Settings - Tournament - Messages - Address payable.png

Message appearing on invoices

Settings - Tournament - Messages - invoices.png

Registration messages

Settings - Tournament - Messages - Registration.png

Waitlist message

Settings - TOurnament - Messages - waitlist.png

Congress legislation message

Settings - Tournament - Messages - Congress Legislation.png


Settings - Tournament - Messages - Documents.png


Some tournaments provide the option of tournament-provided housing for competitors - usually with members of the hosting team or other volunteers. If you plan to provide this at your tournament, use first need to set Housing to "On" on the sidebar:

setup tourn housing-on.png

You can then fill out the number of housing slots (e.g. number of people) available for each day of the tournament. Registrants will then be able to request housing when they fill out their registration. This page also has an area to include a message or housing policy for the registrants:

setup tourn housing.png

For more information on how to manage housing requests, see the section on Managing Entries.


Settings - Tournament - Messages - Notes.png

The Notes tab is just a scratchpad for you to keep track of ideas or problems that arise during the tournament, like reminders of how to do something on Tabroom, or thoughts on which restaurant to use for catering, or which competition rooms turned out to be too small. These notes will then be preserved in future years if you use the Clone Tournament function when setting up the tournament.


Settings - Tournament - Payment - Purchase.png

Tabroom licenses

Campus rooms

Campus rooms with observers