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Tabroom's Live Updates feature lets you "follow" entries or judges at a tournament, to receive emails and texts with pairings, results, etc.

Setup Live Updates

In order to receive live updates, you must have the correct email address, phone number, and cell provider in your Account Profile.

After logging in, click the "Profile" link at the top of the page, and ensure you have filled out your phone number and cell phone provider, then click "Save Changes."

user login profile-phone.png

Following By Tournament

To add people to your Live Updates list, you first have to access the Tournament from one of the Calendars, then go to the Live Updates tab. If you are notyet following anyone, your list will be blank:

index tourn updates index.png

To add to your list, select an event/division of entries, a list of judges, or an entire school, then click a result to add it your list. After selecting one, you'll get a list of possible entries/judges/schools to follow, like this:

index tourn updates index-entries.png

Once you are following an entry/judge, they will appear on your Live Updates tab in yellow:

index tourn updates index-following.png

You will receive a confirmation email any time you start following someone.

Stop Live Updates

To stop following an entry or judge, simply click the item in your list on the Live Updates tab, and they will be removed.

Alternatively, you can search for your phone/email and stop all updates. First, select the option to "Stop Your Live Updates" in the sidebar:

index tourn updates index-stopupdates.png

Then, search by phone or email:

index tourn updates undo.png

Stop All Notifications

If you are no longer involved with debate and want to ensure you're never contacted by Tabroom, just go to your account profile and remove your cell phone number, then check the box for "No Emails:"

user login profile-noemail.png

That's it - you'll never be contacted by Tabroom again.