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You can access judge paradigms from the main homepage's "Paradigms" tab, or from individual judge entries in specific tournaments.

Paradigm Search

You can search the entire database of judge paradigms by going to the "Paradigms" tab:

index index paradigmstab.png

Then, use the search box on the right to find the judge:

index paradigm search.png

If there are more than one result, you will be shown a list to choose from, otherwise it will take you to the matching judge's paradigm. If the judge does not have a paradigm in the tabroom database, tabroom will attempt to automatically find a match on the judge philosophies wikispaces site and show you the results.

When looking at a judge's paradigm, you can also use the box at the right to see their Judging Record and past ratings you've given the judge, if any:

index paradigm intel.png

Accessing Paradigms Directly

You can also access a judge's paradigm and judge record by clicking on their name while doing prefs or viewing their registration. You can also get a combined list of paradigms for all judges registered at a tournament by going to the "Judges" tab of the Tournament Info, and using the side bar.

Uploading Your Paradigm

To add or update your own paradigm, log-in to your account, and then click the "Paradigm" link in the judging section of the sidebar:

user setup-judging.png

Then, just type or paste your paradigm into the provided box and click "Save Paradigm:"

user judge paradigm.png