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This is the online documentation and knowledge base for Tabroom.com. It contains helpful guides for learning how to use Tabroom, whether as a tournament director, coach, or participant. It also contains a page explaining how to use each corresponding page of the main Tabroom website.

It was written by Aaron Hardy, with substantial assistance from Chris Palmer, Jon Bruschke, and Jim Menick, with the support of the National Speech & Debate Association.

You can also download a PDF of the whole manual. Or, use the links at the top of each page to print or download a PDF of a single section.

FAQ/Quick Starts

If you have a troubleshooting issue, the first place you should look is the:

Frequently Asked Questions

For first-time Tabroom users, check out these sections of the manual:

Creating Your School (PDF Doc)

Creating And Linking Your School Video Webinar

How To Register For A Tournament

Tournament Quick Start

Tournament Checklist


The manual is divided into sections which correspond to the main things you do on Tabroom.

Your Tabroom Account

How To Sign Up - Walks you through creating a Tabroom account.

Your Account - Managing your Tabroom account, changing your password, and linking/unlinking your account to a student or judge.

Your Results - Viewing personal results or judging history.

Judging - Using Online Ballots as a judge, editing your paradigm, entering conflicts/preclusions, and how to offer yourself for hired judging.

Administer a School/Circuit

School Administration - Everything you need to know about managing your school in Tabroom - student/judge rosters, linking to your NSDA account, joining circuits, registering for tournaments, and accessing your school results.

Registration - How to register for a tournament on Tabroom.

Competitor Signups - New feature allowing competitors to self register for tournaments, with coach confirmation and optional parental notifications.

Prefs - Filling out a pref sheet for mutually preferred judging.

Circuit Administration - If you're a circuit administrator, this will explain how to approve tournaments, communicate with member schools, and fix tournament results.

Setting Up A Tournament

Tournament Quick Start - General overview on how to run a tournament on tabroom, including links to more in-depth information at each step.

Tournament Checklist - Chronological checklist of things you need to do to run a tournament on Tabroom.

Request A Tournament - How to create a tournament on Tabroom.

General Settings - General tournament options, dates, controlling access and providing housing.

Rules & Results - Configuring tiebreakers and sweepstakes rules.

Judge Groups - Setting up judge groups, including judge registration settings, MPJ placement formulas, and judge pools.

Events - Creating and configuring the different events offered at your tournament.

Schedule - Set up the schedule of rounds.

Sites & Rooms - Set up available rooms at your tournament site(s), including room pools for different events.

Money - Registration fees, fines, and tournament concessions (like parking passes).

Website - Configure your tournament's public website, such as posting an Invitation or other tournament info.

NSDA Campus - How to set up your tournament using NSDA Campus

Running A Tournament

Managing Entries - Working with entries for competitors and judges.

Pairing Rounds - How to pair rounds, including powermatching, breaking to elims, auto/manual round creation, and judge assignments.

Tabulation & Ballot Entry - Entering ballots and tabulating results.

Publishing Results - Viewing and publishing final results, speaker awards, cume sheets, etc.

Running Asynchronous (Recorded) Events - Setting up and running an online tournament where judges adjudicate student recordings instead of live performances.

Public Info

Calendars - Viewing tournament information on the main Tabroom calendar, circuit calendars, or your upcoming tournament list.

Tournament Info - Finding public information about tournaments, invitations, entries, and judges.

Public Results - Where to find results from completed or ongoing tournaments.

Live Updates - Configuring your account to receive "Live Updates" about pairings and results via email/text, for a student, judge, or school.

Paradigms - Viewing, uploading, and editing judge paradigms.

Google Hangouts Integration

Hangouts Integration - General guide on using Google Hangouts integration in Tabroom.

Hangouts Timer Terms of Use - Terms of use for the Hangouts timer.

Hangouts Timer Privacy Policy - Privacy Policy for the Hangouts timer.