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  • ...create a new school unless you're sure your school has never registered on Tabroom before. ...not getting texts, then odds are you're on Verizon - they sometimes block Tabroom texts as spam. We're working on it.
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  • ...s paradigm. If the judge does not have a paradigm in the tabroom database, tabroom will attempt to automatically find a match on the judge philosophies wikisp [[Category:Tabroom Manual|6e]]
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  • Signing up for a Tabroom account is quick and easy: [[Category:Tabroom Manual|2a]]
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  • Each tournament hosted on Tabroom has it's own set of public pages, which you can use to view the invitation, If a tournament has been hosted on Tabroom for a number of years, you may also see a link in the side bar for "Other Y
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  • Tabroom's Live Updates feature lets you "follow" entries or judges at a tournament, ...o longer involved with debate and want to ensure you're never contacted by Tabroom, just go to your account profile and remove your cell phone number, then ch
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  • After [[Sign Up|creating your tabroom account]], you can edit your profile information or link your account to a * Your login is tied to the username, usually an email address, you used when
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  • ...contains a page explaining how to use each corresponding page of the main Tabroom website. ...?title=Category:Tabroom_Manual&action=pdfbook download a PDF] of the whole manual. Or, use the links at the top of each page to print or download a PDF of a
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  • [[ |Printable One-Page Guide to Judging]] In order to use many of these features, you must first "link" your Tabroom account to your school's judge entry. See the section on [[Your Account]] f
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  • From the main homepage of Tabroom, you can access a variety of tournament calendars. The main Tabroom homepage shows a list of all upcoming tournaments:
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  • Currently, Tabroom is tracking National Rankings for NDT/CEDA. This section may have additiona the tournament or not. First, you will need to request a tournament on Tabroom, into which you can upload the data. Then, see [[Publishing Results]].
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  • In order to view personalized results, you must first "link" your Tabroom account to your school's competitor or judge entry. See the section on [[Yo [[Category:Tabroom Manual|2c]]
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  • 1) Link your account to your school in Tabroom, or create a new school ...ore information on each of those steps, see the appropriate section in the manual.
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  • As a coach or director, you will use Tabroom to do things like manage your school's account, maintain your student roste When your Tabroom account is linked as the administrator for a school, you will see a set of
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  • Tabroom has a number of "Circuits" for different leagues or geographical locations. This section of the manual is designed for circuit administrators - it's not relevant for most users.
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  • The first step for running a tournament on Tabroom is to request a tournament. After logging in, click the "Request a new tour ...ill also be asked for a "Web Name" for your tournament. Each tournament on Tabroom gets a special web address in the form:
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  • ...nd extensive documentation on each feature can be found in the rest of the manual. ...ament can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fortunately, most of the options on Tabroom are only there if you need them - almost everything is set to a reasonable
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  • Usually, the fastest way to find information in Tabroom is to use the search box in the upper right corner of the page. the same circuit. Otherwise, you can manually add a school by name. If Tabroom finds a matching school with a similar name, you'll be prompted whether to
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  • ...hould start by reading the "Guide to Tiebreakers" linked in the sidebar on Tabroom - it provides a thorough overview of the different tiebreakers and how to u [[Category:Tabroom Manual|4c]]
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  • ...hat web address will be taken directly to your [[Tournament Info]] page on Tabroom, where they can view your invitation, postings, results, etc. Don't use the ...ry/State''' - This will control where your tournament is listed on various Tabroom [[Calendars]].
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  • ...letters:''' - This abbreviation will be used in various places throughout Tabroom to make things easier to read and make printouts align better, etc. It's re ...''' - This will force all judges to have their judge entries "linked" to a tabroom account, which is necessary for Online Ballots to function correctly.
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